You back to talk about sixty eight

Every time in some part of the world there are demonstrations of protest that result in clashes with the police, we start talking about sixty eight. It has happened several times in years past, and it happens these days looking at France.

But these manifestations are different: Today in France there is an entire generation that demands to exist, and there is a non-ideological movement that goes beyond the parties themselves. Work, market, solidarity, security and Europe are the reference words. Julie Coudry, leader of Parisian students, says that "there is no waiting for a night of the Revolution", and a girl of the Sorbonne specifies: "The sixty eight? This is not the time of dreams, but of survival. "

Yes, the sixty-eighth time of dreams… where coexist, however, wrongs and reasons and where the intertwining of different factors was unique, perhaps unrepeatable; But also a movement of opposition and global contestation that has managed to make an important contribution to the civil battles of the Seventies: A true Cultural Revolution, which has engraved on social behaviors and on the costume.

There are not many dates in history that have given the name to a phenomenon, writes Enzo Peserico. And all this happened without giving up being young. For many, in fact, the ideological involvement, the commitment to equality between men and the incessant work for a world of peace have not overtaken the pursuit of happiness, pleasure and joy of living.

Exactly 38 years ago, in the same days of March 1968, Warsaw, Madrid, Milan, Prague and Paris were invaded by student demonstrations: as if a universal contamination allowed ideas to circulate fulmineamente, transforming into facts, In Acts, from the United States to France, from Italy to Poland, to Czechoslovakia, to Spain still Francoist, investing even the quiet and opulent Switzerland, writes Paolo Guzzanti at the time. At that time an extraordinary and perhaps unrepeatable revolution was consumed, which devastated traditions and behaviors, ideological orientations, ways of speaking, hierarchical and power relations…

The slogan was "to get the possible sometimes you have to look for the impossible," recalled Agnes Heller, the prestigious pupil of Lukàcs and then her assistant, born in 1929 and representative of the so-called "School of Budapest". "In ' 68 we were expecting, indeed we pretended, the radical change in life, especially in the lives of young people… I think we got the can… And the post-modern was born from the long absorption of the sixty-eight… From ' 68 are born many radical changes in the lives of all, men and women, in the minutest detail….

But today, in 2006, it's time for survival… And Julie, Parisian leader pragmatic, 27 years old, elegant and jaundice air, says that work is the first stone in the construction of a life, and with the contract proposed by the French government young people can not take a rented house, they can not have access to Credit, they can't do personal projects. For this reason the youth of today is much less ideological: "We have left behind the totalitarianism and we have lost confidence in the parties," he says, and speaks of a generation victim of the crisis, of a country without project, of disoriented young people, without future, without Hopes.

Daniele Semeraro asked a young Italian precarious if the French protest wind could also arrive in Italy. This was the answer: "The situation of precariate does not exist only in Italy. Maybe in our country is still too underground… And then there is a long series of social shocks, not of the state but of the family: it tries to solve the problems always in the household, but it is clear that even from us a spark is enough to trigger a big protest… "

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