Riviera of sunsets: There will be also San Mango D'Aquino.

Also the municipal administration led by the lawyer Luca Marrelli has decided for the accession of the town of Basso Sgotten to the so-called Riviera of sunsets.

The Riviera of the sunsets is a place already created by nature (which the institutions seek only to revive) where, for at least for 300 days a year, we attend the spectacle-Rite of the Sun that marries with the sea. We are in the coastal stretch and the immediate hinterland that rises around the great urban and economic settlements of Lamezia and Amantea; The vast area between Curinga and Fiumefreddo Bruzio, between the Gulf of Sant'Eufemia and the slopes of Mount Cocuzzo, between the beloved and the saver, between Temesa and Terina, between the Preserre and the Reventino-Mancuso massif. Is here, on the tirrenic side of the narrowest part of Italy-where sea, mountains, art, history, secular traditions, tourism and enogastronomy form a special unicum that needs only to be relaunched-, that it was decided to chase that Sun that, at its calar, it It reflects in the twinkle of those waters from which, as if by magic, appears almost suddenly the imposing silhouette of Stromboli. It is in this place, among the widest sandy beaches of the peninsula and the Green Mountains and surrounding hills-served by the international Airport of Lamezia Terme, from the railway line Rome-Naples-Sicily, from the Mediterranean highway with 4 Exits (San Mango d'aquino, Falerna, Lamezia, Pizzo), from the freeway that splits the Calabria and connects the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian in just 20 minutes-, that the local institutions, but not only them, have bet to be able to turn a dream into reality. With the accession to the Riviera of the sunsets, the municipal administration Sammanghese inserts another piece in the prospect of socio-economic revival of the town. Together with the headquarters of the Union of the municipalities "Monti Ma.Re." And the important junction on the A2, San Mango D'Aquino is a candidate to become more and more the meeting point between internal and coastal Calabria, as well as the northern entrance of the Riviera.

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