Presented in Mendicino la CALABRIA ORCHESTRA

A collective of great professionals that will represent the Calabria and the south between tradition and innovation

It started from Mendicino and precisely from the festival "Radicamenti" The Adventure of the CALABRIA ORCHESTRA.
In a historical moment where the divisions and the Egoisms Imperano, starts from Mendicino a synerget and proactive experiment to unite the positive forces of our region. On the one hand some of the best musicians and artists of our land, from other institutions and individuals who firmly believe that collaborating and networking is the only hope for the future of our young people and for our territory. If then these positive forces unite to enhance and promote the "identities" and through these our region and its territory we are convinced that success is around the corner.

The CALABRIA ORCHESTRA is a public-private collaboration that approached for the The town of Mendicino, the Conservatory of Music in Cosenza and Calabria Sona who have had in the M ° Checco balloon the point of contact and Union. A project that was born on the occasion of Radicamenti and that saw, before Of the August 31st debut, 5 days of open trials to the public to bring People to music that starts from our traditions and to excite the Young people to art.

to direct the Collective is Checco balloon, Musician who does not need presentations and who said he was very excited For this beginning. "I am aware that the birth of this orchestra is a Important moment in the history of the region thanks to the presence of many synergies Proactive. The project of a Calabrian orchestra was born that between music and culture, Between roots and innovation can be projected into any musical territory and To approach any audience in the world. "

The Great Idea The orchestra had a strong and decisive thrust thanks to the commitment of the Mayor of Mendicino Antonio Palermo who believed right from the outset in the idea and decided to support it as an original production of the festival radications of Mendicino "Our festival, tell us in many, it is in no time has become a reference point in the Territory for the enhancement and Promoting identity and traditional culture-says Palermo-and The idea of giving a means of dissemination and promotion to our music in Around the world and therefore of our own territory and festivals I was immediately Convinced to support the initiative strongly and indeed invite other institutions to Step forward, our development must undoubtedly depart from our Identity ". 

The project Orchestra enjoys the collaboration and patronage of the Conservatory of Cosenza and its director. We are very happy with this synergy because Alone we would not have made it-says Giorgio Feroleto – We have joined because we have the same ideas about music Popular. The conservatory forms academically-level students, we want the Our students are gratified by their path. With popular music We want to re-qualify the genre for both culture and listening and it is This project with Radications is very important. '

 "It's been a little over a year since at Following a meeting with the balloon master we knew there was a Common intent for the creation of this project-says Giuseppe Marasco general manager of Calabria Sona-the idea has undergone a lot of sharing, Making everyone step back from their original idea to give Life to a common project that would represent the whole of Calabria. "

After so many efforts The first step is to create an ensemble that exalt culture and The music of the South, a common orchestra that can represent our Region, a collective that works for the music "Made in Calabria", A project where many "artists" have joined together in a single Choral expression. Experienced professionals, identity players and Young musicians for a common goal.

The first concert It was held on 31 August during radications on a wonderful evening that has Saw the debut of 19 elements on stage. Jazz Instruments amalgamated with Instruments of popular tradition, Mediterranean and southern rhythms fused with the Tarantella, hot and passionate voices flanked by guitars of all kinds. Many prominent musicians who make up the collective and who have Made to the full disposition of the orchestra and its master. Contamination and Reworkings is what is also shown by inviting guests during the Concerts, for the first great Calabrian interpreters such as FABIO Curto, Verdiana, CICCIO Nucera and NINO Stellittano. Other objective will be to collaborate With national and international artists to make our musicians grow but Also to promote our music.

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