Arci Civil Service 2018/2019, September 28 deadline for sending questions

There is time until 28 September to send the application to Arci civil service to be selected among the voluntary operators who will participate in projects 2018/19. The selection procedures will be carried out according to the criteria deposited and approved by the UNSC in the accreditation phase: the calendars of the Convocations will be published on the website of the ASC reference site.

The Arci Civil Service section of Lamezia/vibo has worked out several projects. Among the project paths there are: art and well-being: (Aleph Arte, Teatrop, Arci Civil service Lamezia Terme, School of Music Terra di Sol). The aim of the project is to ensure dynamism and opportunities for a generation "at risk of affirmation" in terms of the development of individual capacities, quality and stabilization of work, emancipation and social participation; Of course: (Association for Neurogenetic Research and Alzal House). The project is aimed at the wellbeing of people with Alzheimer's disease or with neurodegenerative diseases and to support family members in their daily management; In Small steps: (Comprehensive Institute Perri-Pitagora and Arci Lamezia/Vibo). This project intends to create meeting spaces to educate equality and mutual respect, developing in the smallest the awareness of being active citizens; Codesign Innovation and Participation: (Inrete Social cooperative). The project aims to foster the emergence of social innovation initiatives in the Lametino area. and to implement the network between associations; Together we are: (Social cooperative Adan) The main objective is the generational exchange, giving the elderly the opportunity to have the contribution of young and motivated people; Make yourself Next: (Arci Crotone). The objective is the implementation of the existing services network for migrant citizens; Across the border: (Arci Lamezia/Vibo and cooperative inrete). Civil Service volunteers can improve the ability to socialize and enhance the skills of people with mental discomfort; Peter Pan and the island that is not there: (Synchrony Association). Sensitize citizenship to the repercussions that the power of the gangs produces on the quality of life, in terms of safety and economic-social development of the community; Know to be: (Association antiracket Lamezia-Foundation plots). The culture of legality must be understood as one of the fundamental elements for the development of active citizenship in young people; Roots of Legality: (Arci Reggio Calabria). The culture of legality must be understood as one of the fundamental elements for the development of active citizenship in young people; Free time: (Lametino library System). The aim is to transform the library into an innovative space aimed at a young public to form points of aggregation and listening; Ancient values: (municipality of Lamezia Terme, archeological museum, Municipal Library, Istmo informative point site). The project aims to promote and communicate the activities and events carried out by the municipality of Lamezia Terme and by bodies or associations that carry out activities of cultural interest on the territory.

"The delivery of the complete and signed application can take place in three ways: with certified e-mail (PEC) sent exclusively to the PEC of ASC Nazionale ( The person concerned must be the owner of the PEC shipping address and must take care to enclose all the documentation required in PDF format; By means of "recommended A/R" sent to Arci civil service Lamezia Terme/Vibo Valentia in Via Giolitti 8, 88046 Lamezia Terme (Cz); By hand delivery, delivered at the door of Arci civil service Lamezia Terme/Vibo Valentia in Via Giolitti 8 in Lamezia Terme. The deadline for submitting questions via PEC or by registered letter A/R is set at 28 September 2018. In case of delivery of the application by hand the deadline for delivery is fixed at 18.00 o'clock on 28 September 2018; Applications submitted in a manner other than those mentioned above and applications received beyond the above deadlines may not be taken into account. '

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