53,363 volunteers to be employed in national civil service projects

the National Civil service is an important opportunity for young people who want to test themselves and enter the world of work: this experience is ideal for new graduates eager to work, but also for the larger ones who want to embrace a Project in the social.

Subjects allowe
d to participate in the civil service must have the following requiremen
ts:-possession of Italian citizenship, or of a Member State of the European Un
ion;-age between 18 and 28 years;-not havi
ng reported condemnation also not definitive To the penalty of imprisonment exceeding one year.

sthere are 53,363 seats available for the 5,408 projects that will be realized between 2018 and 2019 throughout the country and abroad

12 months

volunteers will receive a monthly cheque of the amount of 433.80 Euro

Submission of reques
ts for participation, drawn up in accordance with the special forms annexed to the notices, must be submitted directly to the institution which carries out the project chosen, in one of the follo
wing ways: – By electronic mail Certified P
EC; – by registered means A/
R; – Hand Delivered


Terms presentazione
28 September 2018

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