Nutraceutical Olive Paste. The healthy invention of ROSARIO Ungaro

Nutraceutical Olive Paste, this is the name of the product realized by the great agroindustrial entrepreneur, Rosario Ungaro of San Mango D, Aquino. Considered, by many, the Archimedes of the agro-industrial sector, the sixty-obtained Sanmanghese, in collaboration with the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Calabria, has experimented and is experiencing new and revolutionary innovations, which could, if adequately transpoed and valued, relaunching the Italian agricultural economy and not only. The Ungaro entrepreneur, in fact, operates at national and foreign level, creating innovative and very special machines with European patent.  A brilliant man, therefore, with a particular characteristic: a profound devotion to Our Lady and a great heart, open to all those who want to seize productive opportunities, entrepreneurial, at the same time, to the improvement of the vital environment, or To put it to the Ungaro, "of creation, to praise and glory of the Lord!" These are the men who contribute to making our land great.

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Rosario Ungaro, the Archimedes of Agroindustria

By Giuseppe Caval

loit is considered the Archimede Dell'agroindustria, a real Calabrian genius, who invented, experimented and produced innovative machines and equipments for the improvement and enhancement of our typical products. We are talking about the entrepreneur Rosario Ungaro, sixty of San Mango D'Aquino, for almost half a century in agriculture and industry. Ungaro is the demonstration and the living testimony of how important it is that the Calabrian brains remain active in our land and do not migrate elsewhere enriching other contexts, many times at the expense of ours. He decided to work for his Calabria, to serve his land, using and enhancing its resources, and not exploiting them, to the detriment of the same, as they have done and unfortunately many others. Now his genius seems to have come to the climax with a discovery that will change the way we do agriculture in our areas and that if properly supported, even by the institutions, which would be responsible, could determine the emergence of new and important Employment realities. It is the "only universal separator", a machine that boasts the European patent and which is attracting the attention of the insiders and not, globally. The extraordinary invention of Rosario Ungaro, allows, as he himself has declared, "to separate the whole core from the olive and the Sansa; To separate the seeds of prickly pears; To realize the pate of the olive tree; To originate the citrus cream; To prepare a good tomato sauce. " A kind of universal machine, in short, that allows you to do also many other innovative things to use Calabrian products that, many times, are not even considered by the market. The genius of Ungaro, which is not limited only to certain inventions, has been pushed up to the realization of machines and utensils that have received great acclaim also in the university and of the research in general, so much so that several conventions have been activated With his company of San Mango D'Aquino (CZ). Being the Calabrian entrepreneur very humble and reluctant to show off, some organizations have thought of organizing seminars and meetings very concrete, involving entrepreneurs, operators of the specific sector and also unemployed people who, Thanks to the genius, inventiveness and goodwill of Rosario, Ungaro could see their lives changed positively. He, in fact, makes available for free his experiences, for activities of experimentation and research. A great man in a Calabria who, thanks to people like him, could return to be the great Calabria of the past.

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