Lamezia, at the civic plots part of the course of videojournalism

Began the course "civic visions" at the civic plots, a training project on the field that aims to accompany a group of young people from Lamezia Terme and its surroundings in a path of reappropriation of the city, through the languages of Video-reportage and civic-participatory journalism. Civic Visions is a project created by Fondazione plots in collaboration with ALA (Associazione antiracket Lamezia Onlus), winner of the announcement "take part! Acting and creative thinking "devised by the Directorate-General for Contemporary art and architecture and urban suburbs (DGAAP) of the Ministry of Cultural heritage and activities to promote the cultural inclusion of young people in areas characterised by Economic and social marginality. Meetings with journalists and experts, theoretical lessons and working tools of civic and investigative journalism, technical notions of video shooting and editing and project work on the streets of the city: the route will last 8 months, from 9 November 2018 until June 2019.

The idea of this project stems from the third dissolution of the city Council of Lamezia, and from questioning the fact that "this city needs more citizen participation". The Trame Foundation has thus thought of "setting up a project that on the one hand increases and gives a little ' stimulus to the participation of the city and on the other side was a spur to the world of journalism." A strong need to "contaminate the city and stir the waters, which are a little too stagnant". Civic journalism, as an idea to associate journalism with the urgency of leaving the citizens. To give tools to make inquiry, what the course wants to do is just this: concrete tools not to remain on the surface but to dig at the bottom, and these tools will bring the participants to pack five inquiries to be presented to plots Festival 2019. The participants, about 20, arrive not only from Lamezia but also from San Mango D'Aquino, Catanzaro, or from Gioiosa Ionica, Amantea, renders. Some kids study, others have already finished college.

Civic journalism, in fact, practises a tipping point of view: It is the citizen with his needs to dictate the priorities of the news. The civic journalist collects directly in the field the voice of citizens and promotes their participation, through focus groups, debates, research and using the technique of "civic mapping" (civic mapping). Civic Visions uses an active and reactive approach, the participants of the course will be brought to an attitude of research and discovery, documenting themselves and taking positions in the community where they live. Maria Teresa Morano, of the association Antiracket, underlines the importance of the course "civic visions", explaining what prompted them to create this project: "The need is always the same as that of the association Antiracket and that of plots: focus the Problems. We realized that many of the situations that surround us need the reading of things with a more attentive eye. Starting from a good journalism lesson, and how civic journalism is done, becomes a fundamental thing. "

To give greetings and greetings to the group of participants the Commissioner of the municipality of Lamezia Terme, Francesco Alecci, Which prompted them to treasure it and take an active position In the company many professionals who will accompany the group of Participants during these 8 months, between these Rosy battle (citizens , Attilio Bolzoni (Republic), Raffaella Calandra (Radio24-IlSole24ore), Anna Milan (Rai Radio1), Giorgio Mottola (Report), Giampiero Rossi (Corriere della sera), Gaetano Savatteri (Mediaset), Toni Trupia (director), Monica Zapelli (screenwriter) and again Federica Angeli (the Republic), Francesca Fanuele (Tg La7) and Mimmo Calopresti (director).

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