Taking off, the Arco cooperative launches the project's activities: "SAP environment for young people"

There are 18 municipalities of the Revento district to be interested by the project "Environment SAP for young people" curated by the social cooperative The arch: AMATO, CARLOPOLI, Cicada, CONFLENTI, takeoff, FALERNA, Ganesh, GIZZERIA, MARTIRANO, MARTIRANO LOMBARDO, Maisonneuve, MOTTA SANTA LUCIA, Platania, SERRASTRETTA, San MANGO Aquinas, St. Peter the Apostle, SOVERIA and TIRIOLO.

A vast district, identified as a "lagging rural area" in which, even the typical rural realities (based mainly on small direct farmers and artisans) have been impoverished, especially in terms of operators and workers.

The objective of the project action stems from the awareness that the development of a territory cannot be separated from the valorisation of the "human capital" and the opportunities that arise from its territorial identities.

"The project, financed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – said Aurora Mastrandrea, president of the social cooperative Arco – is aimed at young people, and aims to create added value – among other things – through the development of activities of Social, educational and didactic utility on the problems of agriculture and the protection of regional natural, cultural and gastronomic resources.

In particular, as it is noted from the design board, the direct recipients will be young people aged between 14 and 35 years residing in the area of the reforms. The subjects graduated in the "agrarian" institutes will be privileged and those who are owners or potential heirs of land appreciation and/or breeding. Since the present project aims to promote equal opportunities we will try to involve the May number of women possible.

To present the activities that materialise the various laboratories were the same subjects involved in the project, with the introductions of Floriing Rubbettino, the rose in the glass; by Nicola Sacco, Formation Institute of Teria, partners of the same project. The event, characterized by the projection of the film "The Food of man. Wheat and bread in Calabria "by Giovanni Sole, professor of anthropology of the unical, has seen the interventions of Vincenzina barefoot, partner of the project, Emilio Leo, laboratory of Emmer, Pietro male president of Coldiretti Calabria, and many Local administrators and ended with the tasting of products prepared by the operators of the social cooperative La Arco.

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