29 January 2023

Concluded the course for "tasters of virgin olive oil", delivered the certificates to 35 students

The first level course for "Virgin olive Oil Tasters" was successfully concluded, held at the detached branch of Falerna-Gizzeria of the Agricultural Technical Institute "V. Emanuele" of Catanzaro.Il cycle of lessons was organized by the Association Olive ACOPROL in close synergy with the same institute that hosted the training course, all was done – as it is explained in a note received in the editorial office – between the month of March and May, with students coming from the evening courses of the technician of Catanzaro and both from the entrepreneurial world and the sector enthusiasts.

The ceremony of delivery of the attestations to the 35 students, took place in the presence of a large audience, at the table of work the school leader of the Technical Institute of Agriculture of Catanzaro, Vito Sanzo, who said "satisfied for the excellent success Of the course that has distinguished itself also for the presence of attentive, motivated participants and the intervention of highly trained teachers. " Same satisfaction for the President of the ACOPROL Calabria, Giuseppe Rangis, who remarked the need to create within the same school a Panel room, that is a laboratory with all the necessary equipment to certify the qualities or less of an oil.

Various institutional authorities of the Territory present: Pietro Satin, Giovanni Costanzo, Leopoldo Chieffallo, respectively mayors of Gizzeria, Falerna and San Mango Aquinas.

The head of the school sector of the province of Catanzaro, Rosetta Alberto, has proudly emphasized how the technical Agrarian Institute goes beyond the normal teaching, carrying on initiatives of high rank, like this just ended. Among other things, the provincial executive Alberto, was beaten, succeeding, so that the Istituto "V. Emanuele" In Catanzaro reached the school autonomy, expanding already from the next school year its formative offer.

Present the order of the agronomists and foresters of the province of Catanzaro through Luigi Murato, who, has dwelt on the state and, above all, on the future of the sector olive calabrese and agricultural in general.

The course, which has embraced all the issues related to olive oil, from legislation to varietal aspects and of cultivation techniques, and from the chemical characteristics and processing of olives, has been able to realize, undoubtedly, thanks to the strong Commitment from the school's teaching body. In particular, by the Vice-President Maria Teresa Archer, the head of the office of Gizzeria, Giovanni Rangis and the head of the evening courses, Luigi Murata.
For institutional commitments, the presence of the regional councillor with delegation to agriculture, Mauro of Acre, was lacking, but in a note he expressed "compliments for the initiative well concluded and the proximity to other futures that will come."

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