Grand Prix Manente 2018-VII ° Edition

Final 25 August Crucoli (KR) Sanctuary of Manipuglia hours 21.30

Grand Prix Manente One of the most beautiful evenings Calabrian, the highlight of the summer, a prize arrived at the seventh edition with great commitment of the communication Marasco, a single goal bring music, directing, Excellencies and show a south made of positivity and Talents. Final 25 August 2018 hours 21.30, at the suggestive scenery of the sanctuary of Our Lady of Manipuglia in Crucoli in the province of Crotone.  An important project this of the Grand Prix Manente, which Marascocomunicazione has from the outset strongly wanted, its creator Giuseppe Marasco together with Virginia Marasco, believe us and invest body and soul in this whole event in the making. It is 7 years that the award has activated a "virtuous movement" in the cultural, registic, and Musical…. many of the talents that have performed on our stage, have triggered a beautiful system finding employment and promotion on national and international fields … We are proud of this!

The Grand Prix Manente has now become a fixture for the whole of Calabria and is enriched every year of important pieces. Winning the Manente has a meaning that goes beyond the prize! Inserted in the greatest circuits of the music of the sector, Calabria SONA the national showcase of the music Made in Calabria. It-FOLK and in the "National Network of Festivals" which was born in the course of MEI 2008 (meeting of independent labels). In The jury are added to the personalities who for years follow the prize (eg Nando citarella musician, Ernesto Orrico actor-playwright, Carlo Fanelli unical, Giordano sangiorgi Patron of MEI and others) high level artistic components and who love the Calabria The Masters MARCELLO CIRILLO, Checco balloon, TONY ESPOSITO!

Five young talents will receive a special prize for representing us in various artistic fields throughout Italy and the world:

Marina Crialesi actress Lamezia Wonderful, he worked with Luciano Ligabue, with the director Valerio Orsolini, in 2017 is Rosaria in the Fim TV Duinsburg directed by Enzo Monteleone, in 2016 in the TV movie The Bastards of Pizzo Falcone directing Carlo Carlei, in "A place in the sun" She is a brilliant and cynical lawyer struggling with intricate love story, originally from Gizzeria, just back from the Cannes film Festival, an important international event, protagonist of the short film "subheading" of the Calabrian director, Fabrizio Benvenuto.

Gennaro Calabrese not a simple imitator, but a complete artist who sings, dances, plays and is constantly searching for originality, and of the blow to effect. A "One man show", stuffed with music, monologues, imitations and moments of pure satire. Gennaro entertains the public, characterizing more than 70 characters among the most illustrious in our country; With biting irony and high-profile autorial content. A repertoire in constant evolution… difficult to imitate. From the program Made in the south.

Michele D'ignazio Cosentino is the author of the Now famous Adventures of Lapo, the pencil-boy, told in the history of a pencil and history of a pencil in school, who have conquered many small readers. From the two books was born also a puppet show, which the author carries on stage together with the company Aiello in schools and theatres and has seen, to date, more than 400 replicas. His books published by Rizzoli and history of a pencil arrived at the 11th reprint, and has been reported to the prize literature Boys of Cento.

Aldo Iuliano director and cartoonist Crotonese. A great talent that in his latest short film, "Penalty"-suitable for the Oscars of 2018 and officially selected by four Academy Awards Qualifying festival, winner of the Golden Globe award Italian 2017, winner of the Siae prize at the Venic[Young Independent Authors]e Film Festival 2017, and finalist of the Silver Ribbon Awards 2017. Aldo has worked with the famous Italian cinematographer Daniele Ciprì and with the award-winning film editor Donatello, Marco Spoletini. Aldo was also involved in teaching directing courses at the Romeur Film Academy and in storytelling seminars for university students.

Marascocomunicazione pays tribute to the late Gianfranco Riga Publisher and president of Video Calabria, with a prize for young communicators. Through innovative communication, new media, new technologies for diffusion, and that are flying growth are identified young Italians who concretising these revolutions, as Gianni Testa singer, vocal coach, talent scout and producer Calabrese who has already worked in many successful transmissions badged Rai and recently engaged with Area Sanremo, will officially be part of the jury of the prestigious summer Festival-International Music Contest 2018.

Also this year an exceptional presenter, Domenico Milani author and television presenter, radio, comedian and voice actor. Training at Rai Teulada in the laboratory Rai Lab-chosen on 26,000 tried all over Italy among the 10 conductors of the Experimental Laboratory (RAILAB) artistic resources of Rai di Teulada-Centro Productions Rome… and later sent from Rome edition 2012 of " One morning Cafe "RAI Uno.

The Grand Prix Manente takes place for 7 years of a major partner, Video Calabria and as every year the network cameras will be present and then give us one of the most beautiful broadcasts of the program!

#manentetuttounaltropremio, a 7-year long journey of self-reliance and passion for a unique prize! Unique because it associates musical groups and filmmakers united by the passion for art and popular culture sap that inspired the one to whom the whole is dedicated: Checco manente.

#connessi, connected with festivals, events, prizes, events: The most interesting, where culture is synonymous with territory. Every year it is a unique emotion to remember the artist friend Checco Manente, television director Rai who disappears during the return from a show, in a tragic car accident in the midst of his career.

The 4 prizes – absolute, direction, song, Social – have been specially coined and bear the precious and inimitable signature that gives an added value to the already consolidated and well-established Premio Manente, by the master Goldsmiths Michele and Antonio entrusted.

We will listen to excellent music, we'll look eagerly at the work of the video clips of filmmakers of our land who with pride and so much sacrifice lend themselves and bring themselves into play for this event and in the artistic life that they have decided to undertake.

Here are the bands and the filmmakers with their video clips that will contest these works of art:

-Pompilio Turtoro Band with the director Pier Luigi married, video clip "smiles in half"

-Salvatore Braccio and Monica Ruffolo with the director Saverio Caracciolo, videoclip "I do not want to miss"

-Helèna with the director Emanuele Giordano, video clip "Mariè"

-Alessandro Santacaterina with the Directors Arianna Ventura & Simone Morabito, video clip "The Madness of the Museum"

-Rittantico from Cilento with director Valentino Manganelli videoclips "Suonno"

Moreover, again this year as 7 years ago a beautiful street dedicated to artistic craftsmanship and an exceptional gem, the final of the Grand Prix Manente from this year will be a point of reference for Master violin makers, tambourine, guitars flying, lire Calabrian and all the traditional instruments of southern Italy.

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