Delivery of Palazzo Mendicino: Oliverio a San Mango d'aquino

The President of the region Mario Oliverio participated in this morning in San Mango D'Aquino at the meeting, held in the House of Culture, following the delivery by the municipal administration of the historic Palazzo Mendicino to the community meeting Onlus founded by Don Pierino Gelmini for recovering from addiction. The building will be the local headquarters of the Foundation meeting Onlus, with different offices, where the first talks of the community will be met with those who will need to start them.

The event, with the mayor Leopoldo Chieffallo, attended several directors, authorities, including the Prosecutor of the Republic of Catanzaro Nicola Gratteri. For the community there were some members of the board, the lawyer Giuseppe Lorefice, the head of Giampaolo Nicolazzi, the honorary president of the Meeting Foundation, Eros Brega.

"I believe that in an initiative like this one must be supported-said Oliverio-because it responds to a need for the realization of services in our land, going even beyond Calabria. It must be sustained to correspond to a need for care, attention, towards a problem that involves thousands of people, families, affections, unfortunately expanding. It is an important initiative also on the side of the reversal of a negative trend in Calabria which is that of emigration for the care and health.

For a young man to have the possibility of a point of reference here, it means having the opportunity to maintain relations with the family context, with the context of amical relationships, with the context within which he lived and lives. It is not a factor other than the recovery target-he continued-but I think it is important, beyond the economic figure, albeit relevant. "

"I think it was a detriment for Calabria to have allowed between 2011 and 2012 that closes the experience started-indicated Oliverio-, because I believe that there are services that can not be there or not be considering only in terms of accounting, compared to Problems. I believe that today we are going to build a path that will have to be cadenzato, defining a time schedule. It will be necessary to see how to recover this structure, to adapt it to the needs that the project poses; It will occur what this entails in terms of investment. The region for what it can there–he said again–because we need to build the services network. It is not our region of the accounting balances, but of those of the needs and among them there is that of the young people caught in the network of the drug Monster and of the dependencies ".

"There is our commitment-concluded Oliverio-but also our satisfaction: from today it starts to build a new path."

At the end of the meeting, President Oliverio carried out an inspection at the RSA of San Mango D'Aquino, a structure currently in abandonment and that could be recovered precisely to services of recovery from dependencies. In This perspective, there will be a special interinstitutional coordination between the region, the Asp, the municipality and the relevant departments in order to define the necessary procedures and resources.

The President of the Regional Council of Nicola Irto, the councillors Antonio Scalzo, who will chair the Committee of Honour of the regional headquarters of the Fondazione Incontro Onlus, and Franco Sergio, have still participated in the initiative; The delegate of President Oliverio for health policies, Franco Pacenza; The Commissioner for maximum Dark health.

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