29 September 2020

Solidarity for tragedy Raganello.

In personal name and the municipal administration of San Mango D'Aquino, expressing solidarity and closeness to the mayor of Civita, Alessandro Tocci, for the pain of the families of victims involved in the tragedy occurred in the gorges of the Raganello, I understood Participate in the meeting organized by ANCI and UPI just to discuss what happened.

Thank you for your sensitivity and attention Gianluca Callipo, president of Anci Calabria, for organizing this initia
tive. I make my concern to so many first citizens. 
In the face of the events that periodically occur, such as the collapses of public works or natural disasters, the responsibility cannot always be attributed to mayors who do not have economic resources, nor personal to face disasters of all kinds. 
The municipalities are the joints closest to the citizens and are increasingly left alone, massacred by unsustainable national regulations, with financial transfers increasingly less substantial and, therefore, with difficulty to op
erate. From the meeting of the other day emerged the common conviction of a system of weather and normative fallacious, lacunous, unclear. 
We mayors are in the trenches with an inconvenience that is growin
g more and more. Administrations need more economic resources to be able to effectively protect the lives of citizens with an organized and functioning security sys
tem so we ask the region and the government, each for their own competences, to To ensure more funds in the field of natural disasters and unforeseen events. 

It is important that the mayors, together with their respective communities, make their voices heard, for the sake of the Calabrians and not only.

Luca Marrell
imayor of San Mango D'Aquino

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