29 September 2020

Call for receptive activities, catering and tourist and cultural services

Strategic project for the valorisation of the villages of Calabria and the strengthening of the tourist and cultural offer


Support businesses in the areas of Extralbergiera accommodation, quality catering and tourist and cultural services.


14 million euro to be relied on on the Development and Cohesion Fund-FSC. The financial envelope shall be allocated by scope of intervention:

  • Scope 1-Upgrading and qualification of extra-hotel accommodation: €7 million;
  • Scope 2-Qualification of quality catering facilities: €3.5 million;
  • Scope 3 – Strengthening of the tourist services system: €3.5 million.


May apply in a single or associated form:

  • Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MPMI), irrespective of their legal form;
  • The self-employed;
  • Natural persons who wish to establish a business.

The operational unit of the beneficiaries must be located in a Calabrian municipality, excluding those covered by the regional urban areas strategy.

Eligible interventions

The interventions must be aimed at:

  • Scope 1: Enabling accommodation facilities to achieve the highest minimum requirements or classification levels under regional legislation;
  • Scope 2: To improve the quality and the knowledge of the typical gastronomic productions and of regional excellence;
  • Scope 3: Increasing the supply of innovative tourism and cultural services.

Eligible costs

  • Design, feasibility studies, costs of fidejussion;
  • Machinery, equipment, furnishings and equipment; Mobile vehicles, individually identifiable and for the exclusive service of the production unit;
  • Masonry works for the requalification, recovery, exterior and plant installations;
  • computer programs, patent rights, licenses, know-how or other forms of intellectual property;
  • Real services for the resolution of managerial, technological, organizational, commercial, productive and financial problems. The real eligible services are related to the areas of activity: marketing and sales, organization and information systems, innovation.


Aid shall be recognised in the form of a capital contribution granted to cover expenditure incurred.

The facilitation will not exceed:

  • Scope 1: The maximum measure of 50% of eligible expenditure, up to the amount of 8,000 euros per bed and in any case up to 50,000 euro;
  • Scope 2: The maximum measure of 50% of eligible expenditure, up to the amount of EUR 50,000;
  • Scope 3: The maximum measure of 50% of eligible expenditure, up to the amount of 50,000 euro.

The disbursement of the contribution will be in a maximum of three tranche:

  • (I) The quota of up to 40% of the contribution for anticipation or for the advancement of expenditure;
  • (II) The quota up to an overall maximum of 90% of the pre-payment contribution received;
  • (III) quota within the residue 10%.


The applications must be completed on line, accessing, after registration, the site Http://www.regione.calabria.it/calabriaeuropa, digitally subscribed and sent by electronic procedure from 12.00 hours of the 20th day to the publication Of the ban in the BURC.


The evaluation procedure is a ranking and will be carried out by a committee specifically appointed by the region.

Information and communication

The beneficiaries are obliged to inform the public clearly of the interventions and the financing funds, with particular reference to the obligation to display a temporary billboard, of relevant size, for each operation, which consists in the financing of infrastructure or construction operations.

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