Hunting associations on wild boar problem

 The note of the coordination of the hunting associations on the wild boar problem

"On the occasion of the protest of the Calabrian farmers planned for today, the newspapers and other press bodies were overwhelmed by communiques and statements coming a bit ' from the whole arc of stakeholders. The only one to be silent, until now, was the hunting world. The only one, grant us, that at the side of the farmers certainly works much more than environmentalists in the control of problematic species such as wild boar, but also the corvids, the reversal and more, and that would have more concrete things to say in this field. Even just thinking about what he does and that does not correspond to what is attributed to him instrumentally by a well-defined aerial that we do not believe necessary to explain. Free as ever from any desire to make unnecessary controversy, the coordination of the Calabrian hunting associations (Federcaccia, freedom Hunting, Enalcaccia, Arci caccia, Anuu, Italcaccia and Eps) today believes to have to do some clarification. It states in a note the coordination of the Calabrian hunting associations.

"Hunters, indicated as the cause of the boar problem are in fact the only category that, as given, can be constantly said alongside farmers to defend their work and institutions to protect the public safety that the proliferation Of the species puts more and more at risk. The situation of our region is not unique, but the management of the problem Boar invests much of the Italian territory and requires the involvement and confrontation between all the actors involved that still has not been put in place or, at least, not in a way Exhaustive, even if from the (positive and more often negative) experiences of other regions we can learn to teach. The main problem of Calabria is the lack of effective governance of the territory that must be developed with the contribution of all the stakeholders – and put in a position to function – in a secular way and based on objective assumptions, devoid of Visions of part or worse abstract and ideological. The hunters and the associations that represent them are ready to do their part, but they cannot substitute for the competences of others, primarily of the institutions, local and national, that to the reality of the facts so far have not been able, for the most disparate reasons , to give life to an organic system, well coordinated management, if not addressing the problem with spot and partial solutions. It is also true that other regions have been affected by this problem for a longer time and therefore have more experience and a better consolidated intervention organisation. We need a management that obviously affects all the territory, primarily the protected areas, which are undoubtedly the large natural reservoir inside which thrive and shelter the wild boar that then go to raid in the fields of neighboring territories. We are pleased that others have underlined it, suggesting the implementation of the wild boar management plans, implementing catches and slaughter with authorised personnel. ' And what should be "This authorized personnel" available to the region if not the only hunters? They are the hunters who have always lent themselves to a purely voluntary, free of charge, even if often re-putting ourselves. Nothing but pure recreational activity. In much of the country the real problem in perspective (especially for farmers) will be the strong numerical decline of the hunters, who will deal with a tomorrow of the control of the problematic species, including those that are not yet and will become such in near future? The hunters, well trained and adequately addressed, are a valuable social resource, to be valued, not to blame for only instrumental purposes of short breath or lack of foresight. The coordination of hunting associations is as always ready to do its part, to start from a serious and concrete confrontation, to put into practice the effective solutions and to proceed to all the necessary steps so that they can be realized to the best, even starting From the rearrangement of the ATC on which they conducted a solitary battle, in the indifference, then, of those who now demand it loudly as if it were the only solution of the problem. "

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