The hidden Calabria, the one you don't expect. Calabria made up of natural canyons, good practices against crime and the ancient and modern, simply unknown because not narrated on the school benches, as it happened for Auschwitz.

The canyons of the Cupe valleys in Sersale

Declared a regional nature reserve, the area of the Cupe valleys of Sersale, in the province of Catanzaro, is a veritable timeless paradise that possesses an ecosystem to be kept inside. It is a rare stratified geological formation, whose walls, carved by the erosion of millennia swallow those who decide to visit them in a twilight apparently "gloomy", but it is only nature, peace that smells of plants where they fly nibbi, owls and vultures. Here lovers of eco-sustainable tourism have only the embarrassment of choice. Five suggested itineraries: Canyon Valli cupe, Waterfall Campanaro, historical centers of zagarise; Canyon Valleys Cupe, Park of the Giants, historical center and Museum of Cerva; Gorges and waterfalls of the Crocchio, Campanaro waterfall, good giant, historical centre of Sersale; Campanaro Waterfall, historical centers of Zagarise and Sersale, Giant Park, Old Town and Museum of Cerva; Campanaro Waterfall, Ecomuseo "Pietra del Ruvazzo", one of the historical centres of choice.

A history of passion and beauty the Mammola Musaba

The Musaba was founded by artist Nik Spatari and his wife Hiske Maas in 1986. It is located in the ancient monastic complex of Santa Barbara. It includes a large open space with gardens that constitutes a "mural-three-dimensional" work. The Musaba initiative is largely inspired by the sense of rebellion against the environment dominated by inculture and backwardness, hostile to innovations. In the park the push to promote artistic activity takes on a value that goes beyond the cultural context. In fact it is a story that arises from a remote time, where today stands the Musaba there were archaic temples, Roman baths, great artists have passed and created their works. Inside the former church is "The dream of Jacob" more known as "the Sistine Chapel of Calabria".


There is a concentration camp of the Second World War also in Calabria. Ferramonti di Tarsia, in the Crati Valley in the province of Cosenza. By Ferramonti no man was deported to the Nazi camps, no one was ever executed in 1941, but 92 dogs were killed. To decide it was the police headquarters in Cosenza for security reasons. The story is told by the Internato Emilio Braun in the publication titled "Ferramonti. The life and men of the largest fascist concentration camp (1940/1945) ". Emilio Braun tells of some dogs, arrived in packs and welcomed in the dorms. They were not aggressive, they became, when they saw people in uniform. Stray. So they had to be vaccinated. This was the proposal, if the "guests" of the lager did not want to be shot, they had to vaccate them and pay taxes. So the inhabitants of Ferramonti tried to move them away, but they did not succeed. Until the day the military entered to shoot them. No one died at Ferramonti, except those 92 dogs under the eyes of the Masters.

At the Palace of culture the Dalì seized the ' Ndrangheta

There is not only the archeological museum with the bronzes of Riace in Reggio Calabria, the Greek walls or the hypogeum. Tucked away in a central street is the Palace of culture, which houses 125 masterpieces taken from the ' Ndrangheta on permanent exposition. De Chirico, Dalí, Fontana, Sironi, Carrà, Bonalumi, Ligabue are just some of the illustrious names that make up this collection rich in meaning not only cultural and artistic, but also social. The works were recovered in 2010. There are also the "San Paolo" collection of Russian icons, a work attributed to the enigmatic Antonello da Messina, a St. George with a scarred face, and a sketch by Raphael. The entrance to this temple of culture is free.

Source: Ansa.it

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