Losing sight of the goals

I believe that I have a civic duty, as a citizen, as a parent as well as a former minority municipality, to make public considerations about the sterile controversies that are flitting about the role of the "Nuovasanmango" site and the intervention of the priest during Holy Mass. 
Unfortunately, what is happening is the result of what has been handed down to us for forty years of absence of dialogue, of confrontation, of free thoug
ht. S. Mango is perhaps the last bastion of Manichaeism: White or black, with me or against me, good or bad, good and bad, such a way of thinking makes you lose sight of the fundamental objectives of the modern world: cultural growth, indulgence, openness to the social and who more He's got more.

But let's come to the specifics.

The decision about the birth of the site "Nuovasanmango" had no instrumental purpose, does not want to be a weapon to shoot against the municipal administration, there are other tools to do this, but instead has a specific purpose; That is to compensate the non-culture on the part of the citizens to participate in the municipal councils.

These forums do not serve to ratify or put into place the "cards of the commune" as has been made to believe, but have a much more noble and democratic purpose, which is that of confrontation, proposals, the demonstration of responsibility by the Directors Towards the citizens.

The purpose of the site was therefore to bring the problems to the citizens, since the citizens do not go towards the problems.

The tangible proof is that the site publishes everything that is sent to him, without any censorship. If there is ever another problem, that is that we should learn to have the courage to show rather than hide, assuming responsibilities with so much signature, as does the undersigned.

But also the controversy with the priest, makes lose sight of the goals.

I have an idea about the debate whether the pastor has or has no right to express opinions on political facts and misdeeds.

On the subject the same mayor is a signatory against the former pastor Don Sergio, who in full electoral campaign, even during the votes, during the Holy Mass (at the time celebrated in the former library, then less than 200 meters from Electoral seat) has granted the candidate Chieffallo to ascend the altar and turn the commentary of the Gospel into an electoral campaign.

My idea is that the important thing is to build.

It is not admonding the boys of poor respect for the sacred, when they chew the American tires in church that is built; It is not remembering poverty in the world when consumerism is being built up; But it is sowing, throwing open the main door and not the door of service of the church that is built, it is knowing and working for its own flock that one makes itself credible, and then not only one can, but one becomes the director, the example of the policy.

Politics today is considered a synonym of filth, because it is mistakenly used to draw you, if instead you had the will to give to the policy, then you would give the dignity it deserves.

Unconditional commitment to build, this is not only the hope that I formulate to the citizens of S. Mango and the institutions all, but also the warning. 

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