Alarm at the airport of Lamezia, aircraft impacted against flock of birds: engine in failure

A state of alarm at the international airport of Lamezia Terme has caused minutes of fear among the passengers but fortunately without any serious consequence. At 9:55, after 15 minutes of concern, the Watchtower communicated the ceased alarm. It would have been a failure to the left engine during takeoff after the Airbus 319 of the Easyjet company headed to Milan Malpensa, impacted against a flock of birds that sent the left engine in failure. On communication of the commander of the aircraft, the Watchtower at 9:41 o'clock has issued the state of alarm to the firefighters and to the agencies in service in the airport seat for their respective competences. The Airbus, has then returned to Lamezia Terme. Fortunately no problem encountered during the landing and at 9:55 the control tower has communicated the ceased alarm. There is no damage to the passengers, just so much fear and inconvenience to the delay. At the moment the specialized technicians are checking the engine of the aircraft.

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