For landslide interrupted road between Martirano Lombardo and San Mango D'Aquino

Hardships are announced for the citizens of the municipalities of Martirano Lombardo and San Mango D'Aquino following the blockade of the transit of the road linking the two centers of Reventino.

Following the collapse of a supporting wall, a slide was created (in the locality Cross of the Mill) on the road SP 93 in the commune of Martirano Lombardo connecting with the commune of San Mango D'Aquino.

The Frankish movement, which occurred in the night between 12 and 13 January 2019, in fact interrupted the stretch of road below the ridge that slipped on the roadway.

In addition to the interruption of road traffic, the danger of stability for the housing unit above the site of the landslide is noted.

The mayor of Martirano Lombardo, Franco Pucci, proceeded to inform the competent authorities, to avert further dangers.

For now the section of the SP 93 is temporarily closed to vehicular traffic following the relevant ordinance issued by the mayor of Martirano Lombardo.

There is an inconvenience for citizens who need to move. It was forbidden to transit cars of any kind on the road section of the provincial 93, which connects San Mango D'Aquino and Martirano Lombardo. Below we publish the ordinance issued by the mayor who has from 13 January 2019 the Prohibition of transit until the end of the work of securing and removal of the danger. For offenders there are penalties with fines ranging from a minimum of 25 euros to a maximum of 500 euros.

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