Emergency wild boar to the attention of the regional Faunal Council

The meeting of the Regional Faunistic Council was held in the regional citadel of Germaneto. The meeting was attended by the Director of Agriculture Mauro D'ACRI, the general manager of the Department "Agriculture and Resources Agroalimentary" Giacomo Giovinazzo, the head of the Hunting Office Rocco foreigners, the expert faunistic and Consultant of the presidency Lorenzo Vitari, the new head of the General Affairs sector Giorgio Piraino, the representatives of the hunting world, of the trade associations, the Corps of the Carabinieri Foresters, the Enci, national body of the Cinofilia Italian and the representatives of the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria. By introducing the work of the Council, D'ACRI greeted all those present, stressing the region's particular interest in the hunting sector. "I reiterate the utmost commitment of this administration-he said-in identifying and researching every possible solution, as the hunting sector in a region like Calabria plays a key role. We will work and watch-he added-so that all the necessary actions are put in place to adequately support this sector. ' The general manager Giacomo Giovinazzo, on the other hand, explained that the hunting office and the wildlife Heritage will be part of the General affairs sector of the Agriculture Department and that the Faunistic Council will be convened on a monthly basis, stating that The hunting office will undergo a deep reorganization.

During the meeting there was discussion of hunting planning and the region explained that it has already begun to plan the use of the resources that come from the hunting world and that will have to be aimed at interventions of environmental improvement that facilitate , at the same time, the pursuit of hunting activity. The Department also, stated Dg Giovinazzo, is working to carry out all the liquidations of the reports to ATC, territorial areas of hunting, venatorial associations, examination committees for the qualification for the year and public bodies. Among the most urgent issues currently on the carpet was the so-called "boar-emergency". During the meeting, among other things, the hypothesis was envisaged that the region, in order to cope with the exponential increase of the population of wild boar on the regional territories, could authorize the hunting of the individual hunters even in the areas not assigned To pre-established teams, by modifying the regional disciplinary of the boar hunt. hypothesis shared by the present at the table. The region is also considering some innovative solutions to tackle this problem. The selection plan for wild boar hunting ended on 31 August. Now the region will implement ecological methods of preventing damage. Once the ecological methods have been tested, the region will again implement a numerical control plan of the species to cope with the emergency. The outcome of the meeting was satisfactory, as all parties showed great spirit of collaboration and sharing of objectives and strategies.

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