Presented at San Mango D'Aquino the volume "The Look of Clio"

was presented at San Mango D'Aquino The volume "The Look of Clio", published by CLE, brand of the group Rubbettino of Soveria Mannelli. The event, organized By the Cultural and Musical association "Valle del Sgotten" in the field Of the project #SaràBanda supported by the Calabria region, was held In the Palace of Culture of the commune of Lametini and was Accompanied by songs performed by the band's Chamber formation Musical Valley of the Shad, specially chosen to highlight and Underline the reading of the texts taken from the book itself. The author of the Volume-Armando Orlando-counts to his credit several studies on the Southern Italy, opened two editorial necklaces of the Rubbettino and He wrote a history of Calabria from the origins to the nineteenth century, Published in sixty chapters on "Calabria literary", the magazine of Culture and art founded by Emilio Frangella in 1952.

To present the work was called Armido Cario, a young scholar and native writer of Falerna, who He introduced his speech by saying that the book has as its object "the History of mankind, and one of the phenomena it faces is precisely what of migrations, a natural phenomenon that exists since it exists Man. " "A book – says Cario – who does not look to Calabria, not Look at noon, look to mankind, with an eye thrown at the Mediterranean, a place of clash between peoples and a meeting between civilizations; And Which also analyses phenomena such as revolts, banditry and the struggle of class, aspects that concern the attitude of men versus To society, to the community, to the constituted power. "

And then conclude: "This is a work Very mature. It is a historical essay, it is a historiographical work, but it has the Privilege of being also a great narrative, which does not look to the Events as mere happenings, but it frames them in what we might "A long life", because historical phenomena do not arise from the Nothing, but they are the fruit of the sedimenting of behaviors, of choices, of changes. " A work, in short, "that does not only look at history Humanity, but also to the future of mankind, because the Clio muse, Looking at the past, he manages to grasp those lights and those shadows that Orlando highlights and so it can also make us better understand the Present. " followed by the intervention of Luca Marrelli, mayor of San Mango, who – After the Rite Greetings – said that "the Presentation of a book is the highest, highest, noblest expression To convey their feelings and emotions. "

Marrelli also stressed The importance of confronting the migrations, the "current phenomenon that Back to the Mediterranean basin which has also become one of the Largest cemeteries of modern time. " After inviting Messages of hope to the youth, spoke of the municipal library of San Mango D'Aquino, stating verbatim that «This, unfortunately as is developed personally I do not like, does not produce any fruit. In the library you have to breathe culture. Must be close to the Schools, to the boys, so it must be open. " To this end he launched An appeal to collaborate on the relaunch of an institution that covers Enormous importance also in view of the depopulation: "The countries Of the inner area are dying. We need to give new lymph, new Vitality to these our communities, and therefore we must not lose the Our identity, our pride, our history-and it continues- This also serves works like this in Orlando. ' Communication is Changed. But a book is still culture today. "

concluded the event Alfredo Chieffallo, Master of the musical band Valle del Sgotten and director Artistic Association, which, after the execution of the anthem of Mameli, who traditionally closes his every concert, thanked the Authorities and citizens for the presence and attention with which They followed the initiative.

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