Catanzaro: Meeting of the establishment of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation meeting in Calabria

Catanzaro will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, February 13, at the Rector's office of the University of Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, the first meeting of the Calabrian Scientific Committee of the "Fondazione Incontro – Onlus", Calabrian headquarters of the important Foundation wanted by Don Pierino Gelmini. Of the Committee, which will work by providing scientific support to Community initiatives, are part of Prof. Giovambattista De Sarro, rector of the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro, a pharmacologist of international renown, professor of pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. Santo Gratteri, associate professor of forensic medicine at the same university, where he works from his institution. Michelangelo Iannone, researcher of the CNR and head of the pharmacology Office of the Institute of Neurological Sciences of the prestigious national research body. Franco Montesano, director of the complex structure SER. D. of Catanzaro, and Maria Giulia Audino, leader of the first band in the same structure, both experts of problems related to drug addiction. Lina Casalinuovo, head of the first band in Diabetology, at the Asp of Catanzaro and Giovanni Paola, responsible of the emergency unit of the hospital Presidium of Saveria Mannelli, experts in the study and management of acute and chronic pathologies Related to the use of substances from abuse.

The Community Incontro Onlus is an independent organization that acts to help disadvantaged and needy people: addicts, alcoholics, ludopatics and margined. Putting the person in the middle of the program. In the communities, which will be located in Calabria in the territory of San Mango D'Aquino, men and women are assisted with problems due to the recruitment of substances and psychiatric disorders with a specific program depending on the type of addiction. In addition, the community meeting, can also accommodate people who have to serve alternative penalty measures reported by the Ministry of Grace and Justice. The therapeutic approach on which the community is based is that of occupational therapy, or the therapeutic use of work, such as the care of green areas, vegetable gardens and animals. The management of the workshop, the cleaning of the rooms and the personal garments. In the rehabilitation course it is guaranteed an individual or group psychological
support. Those who turn to the meeting community seek the recovery of autonomy, the restoration of social integration skills, socialization and the improvement of their relational life. The multidisciplinary team of the Community Incontro Onlus defines pedagogical plans – rehabilitation individualized according to the type and severity of the assisted, lasting from 18 to 24 months (and in any case not more than 30 months).

The meeting community also carries out preventive activities, organizing campaigns and awareness-raising initiatives throughout Italy.
This initiative, which has already seen the light in recent months, with the establishment of its Scientific committee moves in Calabria First steps in the non-easy field of the care and prevention of pathologies related to the abuse of substances and alcohol, but also of the no less dangerous-from the economic and social point of view-Ludopatia.
The Scientific Committee will be installed by the honorary President of the community meeting of Calabria Dott. Antonio Scalzo, in the presence of the national President of the Meeting AVV Foundation. Giuseppe Lorefice.

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