The region works on the valorisation of the Calabrian historical centres

"The region seeks intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth"

The Fourth council Committee, "Structure and use of the territory protection of the environment", chaired by the Councillor Domenico Bevacqua, expressed a positive opinion on the updating of the framework for the regional territorial framework in Valenza Landscaping (QTRP).

On the point, they attended the councillor for Urban planning, Franco Rossi, and the director of the Urban Department of the Regional Council, Domenicantonio Bond. In the continuation of the work, the Commission examined and provided a positive opinion to an administrative measure of initiative of the Councillor Arturo Bova for a proposal for a law to the national parliament to encourage those undertakings by means of appropriate lists, which They oppose organized crime and denounce extortive phenomena. In addition, the Commission approved a proposal for a law on the initiative of the Municipal Councils of Trebisacce, Cardinal, Torre di Ruggiero, San Mango d'aquino, Rossano, Altomonte, San Marco argentano, Morano Calabro, Spezzano della Sila, Paterno Calabro, Spilinga, Philadelphia, Santa Severina, which has as its objective the valorisation of the Calabrian historical centres, also in environmental key. Finally, the body listened to the infrastructure councillor, Roberto Musmanno, in the hearing on the problems related to the use of the seismic platform by the professionals and municipalities and the equipment of the personnel involved in the function. 
"I want to thank my colleagues, the aldermen and the leaders present in the work-said President Bevacqua at the end of the session-for the contribution they have provided to the debate, in constructive terms and in defence of the general interest. The approval of the update of the QTRP proposed by the regional junta, marks a fundamental watershed to allow this ' system law ' to be able to better respond to the interests of the Territories and the initiatives of private entrepreneurs and Citizens by encouraging investment, but also by preserving those limits to interventions so that the entrepreneurial initiatives and the plans of address of the municipalities in the area of Government of the territory, with nature and the landscape, are harmoniously declined. The proposed law on the enhancement of historical centres also in environmental matters, of which I am rapporteur – Domenico Bevacqua continues – signed by several Calabrian municipalities, is part of the strategy of our region for smart growth, Sustainable and inclusive, in a territory like ours, characterised by the presence of historical, rural, coastal and mountain villages, whose remarkable potential for development, because of their peripherality, is at risk of marginalism in the processes of integration European. The bill is consistent with the ' Strategy 2020 ', with the European urban Agenda and the territorial pacts signed by the Calabria region, in particular the ' European Pact of the Villages ', as well as with the Unitarian regional programming and with the other Measures adopted by the Regional Council in favour of the historical centres and the villages, in order to counteract the loss of economic and social vitality, the ageing of the population and the abandonment of young people ". 
The councillors took part in the work of the Commission: Bova, Battaglia, Nucera, Tallini and Greco.

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