Elections in Calabria, to vote in 49 municipalities: In no one there will be balloting

I am 49 the municipalities to vote in Calabria Sunday, June 10. None of the centres concerned will be called to the ballot-run, since they are all less than 15,000 inhabitants. The twelve municipalities to vote in the province of Catanzaro are: Cardinal, Curinga, taking off, Gasperi, Guardavalle, Magiate, Montauro, Nocera Terinese, San Mango Aquinas, Saint Catherine of the Ionian, Saba, Staletti '. Sixteen centers at the ballot boxes in the province of Cosenza, it is: Bonifati, cane, Carin, Casali Del Manco, Castrolibero, Chandler Calabro, Dipigna, Maier, Malian, Mandatoriccio, Marano marquisate, Paterno Calabro, Plains Crati, San Lucid, San Martino di Over, Serra d AA, Terravecchia. In the province of Crotone one votes in four municipalities: Cassidy, Petilia Policastro, Savelli, Scandale, while six others are the centers called to the urns in the province of Vibo Valentia: Dina, Filandari, Gerocarne, Miletus, Parghelia, Polia. Finally, for the province of Reggio Calabria, we elect mayor and municipal councils in eleven municipalities: Candido, Condofuri, Cosolare, favor, joyous Ionian, Locri, San Pietro di Carida ', San Procopio, Santa Cristina d ' Aspromonte, Seminara, serrata. In the province of Reggio Calabria there are major curiosities. We do not vote in San Luca, where no list has been submitted. In the country of Corrado Alvaro, but also known for the feud that Provokeed the massacre of Duisburg, the last attempt to restore democratically elected bodies dates back to 2015, when a single list was presented which, however, did not reach the quorum of 50 percent more than one Of those entitled. Since then, the municipal authority is run by an extraordinary commission. Another curiosity is that linked to the common to vote with the largest number of inhabitants. These are LOCRI where there are four aspiring mayors, starting from the outgoing Giovanni Calabrese supported by the civic "loyal to the city". Then in contention also Giuseppe Lombardo (Civic Solidarity), Francesco m ' (We are LOCRI) and Raffaele Benjamin (city in Common).
Since 2015 no one wants to try. Indeed, he tried only one list, just three years ago, but without achieving the objective of the quorum needed. In San Luca, centre of the Aspromonte Calabrese, we will not even vote on June 10th. There are three years that no list arrives on the table of the town hall before the expiration of the terms. In the country that gave birth to the writer Corrado Alvaro, no one wants to apply. Unfortunately, behind this drastic decision, there is also the shadow of the ' Ndrangheta. Around these parts the feud has sown several deaths killed in the war between the families skin-Vottari and Nadya-Strangler. And then, administering a commune becomes a utopia. Someone in the village, and are not few, prefers to remain with the Extraordinary Commission that administers the town in the province of Reggio Calabria. Also because, with the climate of this country, we risk a dissolution (yet another) just after the elections, since practically all or almost have kinship or close friendships with people from the suspect surname. Last year a first jolt came from the former Romen judge De Grazia and the Independent Police union Coisp with the proposal to apply to Mayor of the then regional secretary of the Union, Giuseppe Brugnano. A path that, however, had to contend with the objective difficulties to complete the process of presenting a list. A few days ago came the proposal of the Massmediologo Klaus Davi, ready to apply to the point of asking for a reopening of the terms to the prefecture. Even this year, however, the ballot boxes will remain closed in the center of St. Luke. On June 10th it will be a Sunday like all the others and the citizens will continue to live alongside the extraordinary Commissioners, who for three years have practically transferred their office to the small town hall.

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