21 September 2023

Finished sixth edition Muricello prize in San Mango D'Aquino

The sixth edition of the Muricello prize at San Mango D'Aquino ended. An appointment that saw, for the first time, the patronage of the new municipal administration, settled just two months ago with the election of Mayor Luca Marelli.

And the first citizen has strongly sponsored the event: "The Muricello has now become an important part of the history of this country and we intend to do our part to reinforce an event that is very much in terms of civil commitment."

Also this year the journalist Antonio Chieffallo, creator of the prize, reiterated the reasons for the appointment: "Two our goals, that is to acknowledge the commitment of those calabrians that bring into play to different titles their experiences of life is the will to To make known to the young people of Sanmangian, men and women who risk every day to trace the hard and difficult way to remain faithful to their principles.

In the course of the evening, a recognition was given to young graduates of the last year who, for the deputy, Franco Trunzo, "wants to be an encouragement to our children to do better in their lives."

Present the administration with Luisa Fiorillo, president of the city Council, Francesco Marsico, Councillor for the budget, Aldo Grandinetti, who deals with the Community funds and Teresa Pileggi, always at the forefront on the front of social policies and Serafino Rooster that has the task of following the general organization of the institution.

The Muricello prize has gone this year to Gaetano Saffioti, entrepreneur and Witness of justice, that the entire municipal administration has welcomed with "a spirit of gratitude for what he has done in recent years": "The work I have done in my life is linked To a question of responsibility towards young people. We have to leave a better world than we found. And everyone has to do his part. "

The second award of the evening was the writer and actress Angelica Artemisia Pedatella "for the ability to look at the world beyond the borders and cages that man has built over time."

Special mentions to the journalist Agostino Pantano "for having chosen the most difficult way in the exercise of the profession of journalist: to be at the service of news, of one's conscience and of his own land", to the university researcher Alessia Bausone " For the courage and the commitment with which it carries on the struggles to defend the civil rights ", and with the entrepreneur Franco Arcuri" for having been able to create a prestigious brand of company with the commitment and the courage of those who have always pursued the future dreaming it like An opportunity. " The final thanks were for the journalist Ugo Floro who led the evening, but "that is now an integral part of the award to which he collaborates since the first edition"

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