To be parents today: the new frontiers of Education.

This is the topic of the conference always burning and current that Saturday, August 11, in Carlopoli, the APS promethes will keep surrounding of excellent guests. A unique event of its kind and of meaningful importance for public opinion. The topic directly affects parents and indirectly, but with the same power: care professionals, teachers, uncles, grandparents, pastors, law enforcement, bartenders… the list would be long. The crucial point is precisely that, that we must all feel active and responsible in the education of this complex generation yet full of infinite potential.

The complexity arises simply from the fact that our children need to feel accepted, sustained, encouraged in a historical moment where the appearance and "likes" on social media are the masters.

And we, how do we encourage their growth? What tools do we have with respect to the role we play? Just love and common sense? Do we recognize the often emotional difficulties and, above all, know who to turn to to help them jump over obstacles and become safer? How many know the importance that food, water and biorhysics have for psychophysical health, attention and academic success?

It is not easy to be behind the various stages of their development: we think about when they are born and then at the first tooth, first steps and first words. The entrance to school, the puberty, the adolescent period, the choices, the work, the difficulties of managing this mysterious and unique world that often scares!

This theoretical-practical seminar is exceptional for the ability to offer ideas for reflection on the various areas!

To moderate the work Graziella Mazza, scientific director of the Projects training Promethes, a company that in a few years has been able to assert itself on the national territory in the field of professional training and personal growth.

Invited experts will be available to open interesting and innovative arguments and answer the questions of the public, the real protagonists of the formative afternoon!

They will alternate: Antonio Molinaro, holistic accountant and independent researcher of shared power, water and health, Angelina Pettinato, psychologist, psychotherapist, Alessandra Mungo educator and operator of infant massage and assistance to Maternity, Luana Colicchia social worker of infant massage and assistance to maternity.

We await you at 17.30 in the splendid setting of the farmhouse MC in Carlopoli in C. da Lustra. The more we are, the better we succeed!

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