Wellness Fair, TERME Luigiane, Acquappesa (Cs) "ON, Evolution: YOGA of laughter, water and energy"

To the Terme Luigiane to experience the energy of laughter and water. This is the intent of Graziella Mazza, motivational psychotherapist, ambassador in the Yoga world of laughter, President training promethes, and Antonio Molinaro, independent researcher of nutrition, water and health, originator of the method feeding Shared. The event "on the evolution: Yoga of laughter, water and energy", scheduled on the first September at 17.30 at the Palazzo Congressi Terme Luigiane, is part of the calendar of the Wellness Fair. It is a workshop where you can capture and seize the energy of the yoga of laughter combined with the power enclosed in the flower of life, or water.

For many years Graziella Mazza and Antonio Molinaro experience in their personal growth seminar "ON, Evolution", the power of the integration of air, water, food, laughter and energy that can be tested together on the afternoon of the first Saturday of September. "A moment of regeneration that is a wish for the new season. The body is a perfect machine that needs very little to work in balance. A few elements for a winning formula. The yoga of laughter is now a real therapy proven by doctors and scholars for decades. A body that gets used to laughing and drinking will be a body ready to face in a better way the difficulties of life: problems, stress and obstacles to jump», point out mace and Molinaro. A dehydrated body is a body that more easily falls ill and grows old. A body that recognizes vital water is a wise body. Millions of people in the world experience the methodology of laughter that has been coming from years in Calabria in all contexts of health and prevention.

The event (September 1st, 17.30 hours, Congress Palace) is open to all. In a continuum of "HoHo Haha!", in group, slowly the laughter will become contagious, the respiratory capacity increases and improves the oxygenation of the body and the brain. The levels of anxiety and stress will be lowered. The participants in the laboratory (request for gymnastics) will thus experience the benefits of laughter yoga, practiced in «all contexts such as hospitals, schools, prisons, health centres, multinational companies, etc. Fifteen consecutive minutes of laughter a day lengthen life. What better context as that of the wellness fair that, in its natural environment of the Terme Luigiane, with healthy air and springs, puts water at the centre, the flower of life that Leonardo has praised in his works, making it the fulcrum of his studies, and the Laughter that is creative of good life energy», they conclude enthusiastic mace and Molinaro.

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