25 September 2023

Delivery of "Palazzo Mendicino" to the community meeting of Don Gelmini

The program provides for the day of 21 May 2018, beginning at 11:30, the inauguration of the administrative office at "Palazzo Mendicino". Continue to 12:00 hours with the conference at the House of Culture of San Mango D'Aquino. The Community Incontro Onlus is an independent organization that acts to help disadvantaged and needy people: addicts, alcoholics, ludopatics and margined. Putting the person in the middle of the program. How so? Welcoming men and women with problems due to substance recruitment and psychiatric disorders with a specific program depending on the type of addiction. In addition, the community meeting, also hosts people who have to serve alternative penalty measures reported by the Ministry of Grace and Justice. About the building of San Mango D'Aquino, it is to be noted that it is located in a Bellavista on the main course, and "Palazzo Mendicino" is one of the most elegant historical properties of the town. Built in the century ' 700, the palace has a beautiful façade in a period style and a main entrance represented by an arched stone portal, including columns and keystone, surmounted by a radiant crown depicting the rising sun. The building is built in a raised position with respect to the road plan, which gives it greater momentum and grandeur; It is quadrangular in shape and consists of four levels. The palace, belonged to the family Mendicino-Notarianni, is currently of communal property. In 2014 are completed the important restoration works that have brought back the building eighteenth century to the ancient splendors.

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