Hunting associations on wild boar problem

 The note of the coordination of the hunting associations on the wild boar problem

"On the occasion of the protest of the Calabrian farmers planned for today, the newspapers and other press bodies were overwhelmed by communiques and statements coming a bit ' from the whole arc of stakeholders. The only one to be silent, until now, was the hunting world. The only one, grant us, that at the side of the farmers certainly works much more than environmentalists in the control of problematic species such as wild boar, but also the corvids, the reversal and more, and that would have more concrete things to say in this field. Even just thinking about what he does and that does not correspond to what is attributed to him instrumentally by a well-defined aerial that we do not believe necessary to explain. Free as ever from any desire to make unnecessary controversy, the coordination of the Calabrian hunting associations (Federcaccia, freedom Hunting, Enalcaccia, Arci caccia, Anuu, Italcaccia and Eps) today believes to have to do some clarification. It states in a note the coordination of the Calabrian hunting associations.

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