Making environment Calabria: "Wild boar from emergency to resource by processing in salami"

On the question of wild boar also intervenes the regional coordinator to make Ambiente Calabria, Antonio Iaconetti, which explains how these animals can become from emergency to resource able to enhance and enrich the products of our heritage Agroalimentary appreciated in Italy and abroad.

"From several parts-says-we hear about selective culling of wild boar, which now have invaded not only our territory, and other initiatives aimed at themselves that aim to slaughter so Selective of the excess garments that increasingly devastate the fields of our farmers and represent, also a serious danger to the safety of people. Then, continue Iaconetti, why not enhance this emergency by making it an opportunity for growth for our territory, capturing the wild boar considered in excess and, after the appropriate health checks, do not make sausages? Perhaps under the PDO – PGI mark, entructing its management, processing and subsequent marketing to ARSAC, a regional company for the development of agriculture in Calabria, which in its statute has, as an institutional task, not only the elaboration and the Implementation of development projects in agriculture, but also to provide for the processing and marketing of agri-food products. With this initiative, Iaconetti continues in his note, would give a concrete solution to the problem, containing ungulates in sustainable limits and, on the other hand, would give impetus to the economy of our region with the creation of a new salami branded Calabria. This activity, of transformation and commercialization, of a delicious and refined product, as in fact the wild boar salami, in addition to giving new impetus to a strategic sector for our region, will certainly be able to add value to the already Rich food basket of our region. Not least the new business will make a healthy contribution to our asphylactic economic system with the creation of new jobs. Concludes Iaconetti, who will formalise the proposal to the competent regional bodies in the days, to see from an emergency, one can certainly derive concrete and lasting advantages. "

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