The African anticyclone tries a new summer, rising temperatures in Calabria

The African anticyclone tries a new summer. After a short period of instability, from Wednesday 5 September, also Calabria, as all of Italy, will live a very short period with hot summer temperatures for the expansion of an anticyclone that would lead to even the Values of the Mercury column even at 35 °c. A pity for those who have already finished the holidays that this year, in the months of July and August, have been almost always ruined by insistent rains and scattered clouds. For those who still have the week available, can still enjoy the sun and sea.  But then everything changes: in a second phase between Friday 7 and Sunday 9 Italy will be faced with the disruptive force of two opposing weather figures, two huge giants of the time, on one side, to the north, the powerful cyclonic vortex that dropped From Iceland it will descend from latitude to Central Europe, on the other, further south, a gigantic African anticyclone that from the Saharian hinterland threatens to pump back to the Mediterranean red-hot air masses that, initially dry, load Then damp in their long way flowing on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea and then arrive on our cities overflowing with AFA. 

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