The hot summer of the Cultural Musical Association Banda "Valle del sgotten"

Although not from the climatic point of view, what is going to end was a hot season and full of musical and cultural commitments for the Musical Association Banda "Valle del sgotten". But among the many events and manifestations that have affected her and the protagonist, there are some who deserve more attention. 

In chronological order, the usual essays are to be counted, with the "Young Performers Music exhibition", held at the headquarters of Lago di Mangone (CS) and at the headquarters of the association, close collaborator, "Friends of Music" of San Mango D'Aquino ( CZ).
All as a final appointment of the musical didactic year concluded and to give the Goodbye, together with the whole teaching body represented by the teachers who collaborate with the associations, in the autumn, for the beginning of the new musical year.  Another important event, was the participation in the famous "gathering bands Città di Pallagorio" (KR), which saw parade and perform repertories of high musical and symphonic music by friends and colleagues respectively of the band "Leonardo da Vinci-Araberesh District "of Pallagorio (KR) directed by Franco Amendola, of the band" Stanislao Pisani "of Casabona (KR) directed by Maestro Francesco Novello, the band" Giuseppe Verdi "of Scala Coeli (CS) and, in fact, the band Musical "Valle del Sgotten" directed by Maestro Alfredo Chieffallo. This invitation, for which it goes a heartfelt and sincere thanks, has been welcomed with great pleasure and satisfaction, both in the musical field and in the cultural and social sphere. Being called to represent their own territory and traditions beyond province, was a source of pride and responsibility. But the most important thing goes to tangere the human side, characterized by the pleasant day spent with other geographically distant realities, the relationships intertwined and strengthened with the very friendly friends and colleagues of the other associations/bands As well as the exquisite and passionate local people. 
All for an impeccable organization, which first saw the parade of bands for the street of the country performing in turn, then the execution of the songs in the main square performed all together and then the tasting, in the break/dinner, excellent Local delicacies. Finally, the execution of the songs performed in sequence on the stage culminated with the delivery of the attendance plates. In addition, the musical Association Banda "Valle del Sgotten" had the honor, first, to accompany, through the streets of Conflenti, the solemn and renowned procession of Our Lady of the oak of Visora, venerated and recognized on a large scale geographic and that Thousands of faithful gather every year. 
Later, with the usual stage performance with opera and music of various kinds. Last but not least, the goal of the first order reached by the association in the field of musical education. In fact, since September, because of the Convention that has been successful and already concluded, it has completed and obtained accreditation for the enjoyment of pre-academic courses, which have already been opened, activated in the Convention precisely with the Conservatory of Music "F. Torrefranca of Vibo Valentia. 
This is a testimony to the commitment, the seriousness and the passion that this reality dispenses and gives to its own territory, for its own traditions and for its own people. But the associative activity is not loosens with the sunset of the summer season, indeed. 
In fact, thanking the mayors and municipalities who have married and joined the previous regional winter Project "The Christmas Musical", the other cultural associations and bands with which has now close relations of understanding and collaboration, the Association From the goodbye to the next musical project autumnal/winter "music that challenges the time", with the musical activity of the band and the Masters operating in the association, both with cultural appointments, including the presentation Of the book "Lights and Shadows in History" by Armando Orlando, always sensitive and accurate in regards to the issues addressed, to defend and enhance the considerable patrimony of our land, our traditions, our values.

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